Zarathustra vs Goat

Thus Spoke Zarathustra – First Part – Prologue 7
vs “To Travel the Path Unknown”, Goat (Commune, 2014)

Goat’s “To Travel the Path Unknown” is a short, semi-instrumental track on the LP from which it originates, acting as a kind of interval between two series of groove-fests. Semi-instrumental in that it is introduced by the words ‘There is only one true meaning with life and that is to be a positive force in the constant creation of evolution’…

Such words echo Zarathustra’s reflection in “Prologue 7”: ‘Strange indeed is human existence and still without meaning,’ without inherent human meaning, yet ‘I want to teach humans the meaning of their Being: that is the Overhuman’. Just as with “To Travel the Path Unknown”, “Prologue 7” is a short passage, an intermission, and one that foreshadows the change of approach Zarathustra will discover, a new path. Day turns to night, the people have slowly dispersed, leaving the market-place empty except for the teacher and the dead rope-dancer: ‘Verily, a fine catch of fish has Zarathustra brought in today! No human did he catch, but rather a mere corpse’. Zarathustra reflects on the people he came to teach: ‘I am distant from them… my sense does not speak to their senses’.

“To Travel the Path Unknown” is the perfect accompaniment to “Prologue 7”, somehow interweaving melancholy and sadness with intense joy and the promise of overcoming…

First Part: Prologue 8 - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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